100 Things About Me, Parts 51 – 75

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51. The previews are rarely my favourite part of the movie theatre experience, but I never want to miss them
52. I believe that songs on the radio come on as direct signs to me
53. It’s a much better high when you talk someone into giving you something for free than when you try to just take it.
54. My principal once told me I contributed to her ulcer.
55. When at the public library and I see a book I read and loved, I will pull it out on the shelf a little more so it stands out. Librarians must hate me.
56. I am an excellent public speaker, at least I think that’s the consensus.  Mostly I can just keep talking and gesturing on auto-pilot while staring down my audience.
57. Water sports are totally foreign to me.  We’re a desert people.
58. March Madness is pointless to me.  Real sports start April 1st and end in October.
59. I like the window seat.  I’ll take the aisle seat, but I won’t be happy and prolly will kick someone for not following the instructions in the event of a water landing.
60. My least productive time of day is after lunch.  This is also when I try to schedule all my meetings.
61. Before working in a call center I was intimidated about talking on the phone with strangers.  I think I doubted my own voice.
62. The Godfather is one of the greatest movies of all time. This is not opinion- this is fact.
63. I get mad when I think that everyone gets to vote.  The system fails when Iowa sets the pace.
64. Blue freezies are the best.  Especially with some rum or vodka added.
65. My worst date involved a girl who thought that slavery was still acceptable.
66. I really like airports, but don’t much like airplanes.
67. I got my first parking tickets this year.  The car wasn’t registered in my name, though.
68. My favorite color is orange, but I don’t show it as much anymore.  It’s a private favoritism.
69. I like to play scrabble but always forget my entire vocabulary.
70. I get irrationally angry when I watch movies where dudes get screwed over by women.  (see The Carrie Bradshaw Massacre).
71. I do not know my license plate number.
72. I’ve been teaching myself spanish for the last decade.  I usually focus on learning more when I’m single and want to seem worldly.  Or when I see a cute spanish girl.
73. I regularly think of who would be my “phone a friend” if I ever was on “Who wants to be a millionaire?”.  My first instinct is to lie and say “Alex Trebec”, but I bet he wouldn’t have the answers on a card in front of him at the time.
74. I like grape pop, prolly more than I should.  I also really like grape Kool-Aid.
75. I do not find painting relaxing.  I tried it, it was like the most stressful parts of coloring and clothes-staining.

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