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Watching "Planet Earth" last night, narrated by James Earl Jones made me think about the falacy of sci-fi.

Logically we think the chances of us being the only form of intelligent life are slim, but this is surely bolstered by a tainted morality that would hate to face the prospect that this IS the only place life can be sustained, that there is no back-up earth, that we HAVE inherited a unique wonder and are fucking it up more and more each day.

As much as I have subscribed to the "I can always fix it later" methodology, this CANNOT be the modus operandi for the planet. Take a serious look around and imagine all the other lives your choices are affecting.

50% of the worlds plant & animal species live in the 3% of the planet tat is covered by rain forrest; the same rain forrest that is being destroyed to bring you teak patio furniture and cheez-its. Hope those cheez-its taste good when you've helped eradicate the plants that could have cured your mom/daughter/brother's cancer. yummy!!

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