Five Things: Best Part of being a Grown Up

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1.) Don’t feel like wearing pants when you get home from work? Take those bad-boys off. Pants free is an awesome perk in exchange for paying rent and such.

2.) Alternative Meals. Apple Jacks for desert, pizza for breakfast, beer for dinner. I’m sure Dr. Oz hates my dietary habits, but I’m pretty much sure it’s a good way to go.

3.) Chores. Pfft. Who does those? Place gets dirty? Get the GF to clean.

Kidding, I clean my place but I like being able to say “i’ll do those dishes on Saturday, tonight is for Dr. Who”

4.) Not having people touch my shit. Don’t get me wrong, I love my little brother, but damn my stuff always used to be moved around or hidden when we were kids, and somehow there was always playground sand in my bed.

5.) I get to buy all the cool toys and play all the new video games. Take THAT oppressed childhood. Now I get what I want. Hooray me.

Yeah, I know this is a pretty immature list, but this is what floats my boat tonight. Perhaps I’m being rebelious.

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