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As I mentioned recently, I’ve been mulling over a few ideas for my next self-imposed 30-Day Challenge.  A couple of the ideas I considered (and may still do in the future, but you’re more than welcome to steal the idea) include:

  • Splitting up my workday/time between home and the office a la Rand’s three-workdays-in-one strategy
  • Trying out this whole “8 hours of sleep” thing that people keep mentioning
  • Cutting out all video games and entertainment media other than reading

With Game of Thrones and Dr. Who starting back up in the next month, that last one would have been just dumb.

Then, as I was biding my time, the high-level wizards over at Portent launched a snazzy new tool: Content/Title Generator.

Portent Content Generator

To be fair, this sort of tool has existed before.  Whether it was a linkbait tool or a list of article types, there have been methods in place to help people breathe new life into topics that they have covered before, or just flat-out “boring” topics.

Side note: I sat in on a table-topic at a conference that was specifically about content for boring industries and heard from a pair of guys who were tasked with writing about machinery used in oil rigs. Not the rigs themselves, the cogs and beams and bolts that went into them. Feel a little sorry for those guys; at least my industry can tap into the aspirational nature of moving.

The neat thing about the Portent tool is the added text it gives with each title it conjures up. (In hindsight, wouldn’t Content Conjurer have been a more catchy title? “I summon thee forth, foul headline!”) It’s one thing to replace the noun/verb in an existing headline and spin it for linkbait, but the simple notes scribbled in the margins on this tool almost write your outline for you.

So here we have it, folks.  On top of the projects I mentioned on Sunday, I’m going to commit myself to 30 days of writing while incorporating the content generator to keep my on my toes.

I’ll take a random word each day, throw it into the Content Generator, and then write a post to match the assigned title. I think this will push me to write better, more engaging material, and will make me learn to research and formulate opinions faster so that I can keep up each day.

Hopefully this doesn’t blow up in my face like a poorly-cast Incendiary Slime.

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3 Comments on “30 Day Challenge – Content Generator Overlord”

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  2. 2 RIchard. H. said at 11:33 am on March 25th, 2013:

    This post was published in February, so we’re curious how did the challenge go?

  3. 3 Ryan said at 1:04 pm on March 25th, 2013:

    I should do a wrap-up post later this week, but the quick stats show me at 13.33% adherence, which is pretty awful in my book.
    Then again, Cleon Jones hit .133 in his first stint with the Mets, and things turned out well there.