Dear John (McCain) Letter

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Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality (Photo credit: thehoneybunny)

This week’s court ruling in the case of Verizon vs All Decent Americans looks to have some very negative consequences for those of us who are happily living in the world of open internet and independent access to whatever we want to view.  By voiding net neutrality, our judicial system has opened the door to throttling the very mechanism by which many of us draw an income.


Usually I don’t get political on the blog, but this topic seemed important enough that I actually wrote to my Senator. Below is a copy of what I sent to The Maverick tonight.


Mr. McCain,

The recent ruling by the Court of Appeals in the DC Circuit regarding net neutrality is very alarming to me. As you are aware, the internet is more and more and source of employment, education, and daily entertainment for many, many Americans. I, myself, have thrived despite the recent economic difficulties because I was able to transition into a career predicated on a fair and open internet for all citizens. When we allow systems to develop where one company can pay another company for preferential treatment, (or negative treatment towards their competitors) it is truly the public who suffers.

For many years my generation has lamented the attempts to regulate the web, often because it is believed that those in power are out of sync with the relevant technologies. Now is the time to prove that notion wrong. Now is the time to make sure that the internet remains a place for free expression and open access.

Thank-you for your time, and thank-you for representing us.

Side-note: How much does Verizon suck?  These jerk-offs screwed over their customer base by doing everything possible to eradicate unlimited plans on mobile phones, and now they want to charge us to watch YouTube.  This is (information super) highway robbery, and many folks won’t be able to do anything about it given the limited number of broadband options in many areas.

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality (Photo credit: BarrettB)

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