Don’t call it a comeback

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This is not the “I’m sorry it’s been so long since I last posted” post.

In truth, I’m not sorry.

Well, that sounded spiteful. No, I do not regret that I have been pretty busy for the last however many months, as they’ve proven to be pretty productive. I do regret some of the afternoons I spent laying on the couch when I could have just as easily have been updating this site with the types of nuggets of truth layered in witticisms and machismo that you’re used to, but that’s in the past.

No, this is the “I have to re-start somewhere” post.

What have I been doing while I was away?

Well, back in September a friend and I started a podcast centered around video games. Originally that only took up about an hour of my time each week, but as the following grew and we got more involved in the gaming/podcasting communities, it’s pretty easy to spend a lot of time talking to some awesome people. Next up, finding some sponsors we see eye-to-eye with as we grow the brand.

Similarly, just after the holidays I pitched an idea to another friend that I should be a columnist on his very popular gaming blog, and ended up scoring a weekly column (which I am currently behind on, sorry boss). The experience of writing on a schedule for someone else has taught me a lot, as has the reality of having my work exposed to readers who didn’t originally come for what I had to say.

Most recently, I’ve been in talks to start a second podcast, this time about comic books. Hopefully this can get off the ground in the near future, though recording a second show, with prep-time that requires reading, is going to be intersting to fit in.

Speaking of reading, coming up in October, long-time friend Paul (Swabby) and I will be embarking on a challenge to read every Hugo Award winning novel. We’ve already roped in another blogger or two, and may end up setting up a blogger, or at least a GoodReads site to track that challenge.

Last but not least, as I type this I really should be working on the first post in a what will hopefully be a long and fruitful series hosted on Blooming Rock. Taz is a rather fascinating person in her own right, and I enjoy reading her posts, so getting a chance to collaborate will be great.

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