February Goals Update

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Last month I set-out my goals for 2014, and a few strategic initiatives that should help me work towards the major goal in an


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incremental/measurable way. It may seem a bit early in the cycle to be checking up on my progress, but I figured that it’s better to make a regular showing of it to keep myself accountable and on-target.

(As a reminder, the BHAG I set for myself is to get in a better position for success in life and career moving forward.  Tough to get much more big or audacious than that, right?  To make this goal less vague, I’d calculated that two core ways to attack this is to focus on my health/fitness as well as maintaining my performance both at school and in personal projects. )

Get back to the size/shape I was at 25:
This one is a source of frustration for me.  As of today, I am 1.45% closer to my goal than I was when I started.  I’ve developed better habits in terms of activity, but either have not pair that with adequate changes in other areas, or have yet to hit the next tipping point that can get the results to match the effort. In truth, much of the irritation with this initiative comes from how much fluctuation there has been throughout the month, though that probably speak to lapses in discipline I need to reign in.  I am still determined to work on this one.

Walk/Bike 100 miles by my birthday:
Totally underestimated my abilities on this one.  After only 4 weeks I’m already at 51 miles.  It helps that my Tuesday commute (Home -> Work -> School -> Home) is over 7 miles, but I also owe some kudos to the gf, for helping to get both of us out of the house on a regular basis. Twice already we’ve gone on walks where the dog was ready to lay-down and the two of us were going strong.

Maintain 3.0 or Higher GPA:
This one isn’t really something I can report a monthly progress on, but at the time of this writing I have solidly completed all assignments with on-time or early this semester.  I do admit to an increased amount of stress from my online courses, but I just need to develop better habits that will get enough work done before I start to stress.

Blog/Podcast 52 times this year:
This one may be interesting, depending on what sort of standard I want to hold myself to.  Today’s post is the 10th update this year, but some of them, like the Tweet 140 or Random Thoughts, aren’t exactly feature length. So, in the most generous method of counting I’m at 10 blog posts already, but I’d say it’s really more like 4 or 5.

Plus I haven’t recorded a single podcast, which is actually pretty irritating.  Need to get back on that horse.

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