GQ Blog Redacts Their Best Content

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Sometime over this past weekend, GQ Fashion not only stopped updating a feature I was really digging, they actually went back and deleted it from their archive as well.

Normally reserved for egregiously wrong, insensitive or “accidental” postings, deleting multiple posts in a series seems a bit odd, no?

Even weirder was that when I mentioned it, @GQFashion got ballsy for a second, before someone must’ve pointed out what I was talking about and either realized their mistake or saw that debating the value of page-view-spam “galleries” versus serialized content updates wasn’t a thing they wanted to get dragged into.

(tweets viewable here in their natural habitat.)

Admittedly, it feels pithy on my part to “call them out” on this, but there’s a valid conversation to be had about brands converting away from valuable, serial content toward click-baity content that boosts page-views at the expense of the reader’s time/interest.

Of course, over time this type of content should turn off enough readers that the model fails and the publisher reaps the downsides of taking their readers for granted, but it’s tough to plot this course with content creators you’ve enjoyed for years and hope are just making a foolish mis-read.

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