How you see yourself

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I stumbled across this great picture on one of the design blogs I subscribe to, and it got me thinking…

How do you see yourself?

– in the morning
– when you need to get psyched up
– when nobody’s looking

For me, Monday’s post is pretty true.  I look at myself and I either witness or enforce Awesomeness.

Yes, I know that probably sounds douchey, but I haven’t really come up with a better term for it.

I used to be a shy kid, and still don’t entirely open up around folks I’m first meeting (as discussed here).

Then one day when I was about 16 or 17, during the days when you’re a young boy and you have a “crush” on like a dozen girls at a time and you’re just hoping ANY of them will give you the time of day; I decided to stop being the way I was, and just start being awesome.

Well, actually I decided to start being confident.

Instead of having weaknesses, I figured they were actually strengths in disguise.

Instead of being dorky (think Gifted Program & Monthy Python Holy Grail), I switched it to intelligent, insightful, clever.

Instead of being an outsider, I became the new guy.  Having different groups of friends meant I didn’t have the typical “close, best friends” scenario, but it also meant when I ticked people off I didn’t have to be alone.  I could just pick up and go elsewhere without losing much.

Instead of being not this race and not that nationality enough to fit in with one group or the other, I became Ryan. “the guy with the tan skin and slanty eyes and, oh damn, you see his lips?”.

When I decided that I wanted to move into management at work, I stopped being frustrated and feeling oppressed and started proving that I was the guy who could get things done; because that guy got to make his own rules.

After-all, Caesar said, “it’s only hubris if you’re wrong”.

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