Relevant.Green: Clean Energy from the Ocean

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Whoa, look at the size of that thing

(Yes, I know, that’s what she said. I heard her)

Back to business though, that is one gigantic, beast of energy potential.

Soon to be installed on the ocean floor at the European Marine Energy Centre near Orkney in Northern Scotland, this one turbine can sit quietly on the ocean floor and generate enough power to fuel 1,000 homes continuously.

So why are we still buying oil and even buying it in record amounts WHILE complaining about the gulf spill, when we have proven tech like this that could easily do the job with little downside?

From TreeHugger:

Atlantis Resources chief executive Tim Cornelius noted that due to the slow speed at which the blades rotate, marine life is at little risk: ” The turbines turn at six to eight revolutions per minute, so are incredibly slow turning and will have zero impact on the surrounding environment.”

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