Repeat of Last Year

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Here’s how I spent 9/9/08:

I still agree with all these sentiments, particularly about the pinkberry (double bleh now) and the last line.

Evening of Shmance

Went to the symphony last night and had a great time.

Anie and I had gone to the Phoenix Art Museum for First Fridays the night before (which we arrive to late due to an extended Sans-Pants Nap) , so we spent a good portion of the morning being lazy kids and not wanting to get out of bed. Her more so than me, as I got jettisoned to go pick-up coffee.
Newsflash: Did I mention Starbucks brought back the Pumpkin Spice Latte? This is always a good start to a good day.

Oh, sweet, sweet PSL, you are the greatest of morning treats. Why do you run away from me each year?

But, I digress…

Several hours later, we were on our way (late, of course) to Durant’s for dinner. Pretty swanky place, I tell ya, yet for some reason, it seemed that all the women were dolled up, and decided to bring their husbands/boyfriends out on the town wearing whatever clothes were on the floor. Also of note, Durant’s does not seem to have a guy that comes around and offers to take a picture of you and your date. This I learned as we left and I thought outloud “I should have scammed that waitress into taking our picture”.
So, as it turns out, if you plan on going to the symphony, you may want to cover these two bases first
1.) Find out where the symphony is located
2.) Find out where you can park near the symphony
We did niether of these until 25 minute before showtime, as Anie frantically tried to make use of her Pinkberry phone. (meh) Luckily, somehow, she works literally across the street from Symphony Hall and never knew it.
The actual Symphony was pretty awesome, or as awesome as things in all-German can be. It was what I expected it to be, a night of culture and people-watching, especially when we encountered people such as “sings the national anthem incredibly loud from the audience” guy and “Helen-Mirren look-a-like Silver-Fox” Lady and “wears a school-girl outfit even though she’s 30” woman. Plus, one of the violinist had a dog on stage with her. Randomness: 3 Boredom: 0
Afterwards, we spent at least 30 minutes driving around Downtown and Midtown unsuccesfully trying to find a coffee house or desert shop that was still open at nearly 11pm.
In review this morning, I gave the Symphony evening a 9.0 out of 10, and said that in my head I wanted to be the kind of person who went out to cultural events all the time, but knew that in reality it could/would only be a sometimes thing.
In truth, I could go for any reason to see Anie as dolled-up as she was last night.
(Pictures to be posted later)

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