How I spent my winter break

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Things I thought I might do

– Join a gym and lose 20lbs just to prove how much my new lifestyle beats my old one where I ballooned during the holidays

– Play a bunch of WoW, StarCraft or LoL and accomplish some in-game goals

– ..or at least finish some of the back-log of games I have waiting for me

– Read some of the books recommended by Wil or Rand or Will to see if I can pick up on some of their great strategic vision.

– Get both of my podcasts back in working order and on a solid footing for the new year.

Things I felt like doing

– Marathoning random shows on Netflix

– Rereading Ultimate Spider-Man

– Fus-Ro-Dah!

Things I actually did

– Finished every episode of Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors. (Dear Pendleton Ward, please make more, quickly!)

– Spent time with the family and hanging out on the couch with the dog.

– Figured out a way to use Google+Hangouts to replace the soon-to-be-cancelled ability to record Skype calls for easy podcasting.

– Root Canal Day! (2 times)

– Watched half of about a dozen different movies that happened to be on HBO.

– Spent a whole day smoking cigars, drinking bourbon and playing poker. Lost $10 in the end.

– Won the Sacko Bowl in the office fantasy football league. (Hooray for playing the role of executioner.)

– Came up with a list of goals/initiatives for 2014.

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    How I spent my winter break