Stuff I Said this Week: 2010-08-29

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  • If it would just drop another 3 degrees, I could turn off the a/c and open my windows tonight. #
  • Still waiting for an update re: Dana Scully RT @latimes Breaking: Vin Scully to return for another season as Dodgers broadcaster. #
  • Being Human and True Blood back-to-back. Something's amiss. #
  • So according to Entourage, it's not okay to be honest and passionate at work. Not the first I've heard this lately. I'm totally screwed. #
  • Lady in business suit pulls her hair back and reveals she has gauges. #slickmove #
  • That's right World, today I slipped YOU a Jeffrey. Take THAT! #
  • Present company excluded, I'm always unsure about the etiquette of unfollowing someone who follows me but is boring. #
  • Got my free case from Apple in the mail yesterday. Pretty cool. #iPhone4rules #
  • it's funny watching people decide what's an acceptable amount of time to stare at someone's "art". #
  • Earlier today I said out-loud "hasn't been much of a monsoon season". This is evidence that nature listened to me. #
  • Shoot. Have only been able to work "HOPA" into regular conversation once recently. #
  • RT @TheTorchTheatre: @UnicornWarpath, The Neighborhood perform @practicalart Hosted by @MOBimprov! Fri 8pm, free! <~ Camelback Station #
  • 62 hours til I return to work. What to do…. #
  • Too tired to gun for 2am, not tired enough to be asleep already. Bleh #
  • benefit of modern society #238 being able to pay my parking tickets without having to put pants on. #
  • I'm at Phoenix City Hall (200 W Washington St, at 3rd Ave, Phoenix). #
  • RT @LocalFirstAZ The Big Time!Be sure to vote for #PHX #039;s own t'gf on @FoodNetwork Gr8 FoodTruck Race starts 8-29 #
  • Have I told you lately how poor the "event driven" downtown core business model is? Where's the community? #
  • Taco Thursday; making it happen. (@ Verde) #
  • I have a goldfish who loves to float upside down, and it freaks me out. I yell "hey, stop doing that" every time I enter the room. #
  • Is it possible for someone to say "air drumming" without Phil Collins coming to mind? I think not! #
  • Netflix app + iPhone 4 + WiFi = less reason to get out of bed. #
  • Barista gal is wearing a "Huge in Japan" shirt. Cool Points: Won. (@ Lola Coffee) #
  • This might be psychosomatic, but I've been confusing @DeepakChopra with Stan Lee lately. #
  • Score, Black Keys playing in the coffee shop. #
  • Whoa! Looked up from twitter and there's a lady prepping to breast feed 2' in front of me. Yes, I did a double-take before I believed it. #
  • Unsponsored spreading CenPho love. “@LizaAsbury: 30 CenPho Rentals under $1500 –>; #
  • Dear August, I dig the way you're wrapping up the weather around here. Thanks. #
  • MINIMALIST MUSIC VIDEO POSTER by Federico Mancosu via @AddThis #
  • Need coffee. Need a better coffee shop closer. Need a Saturday Morning to not require me being at work. Blah!! #
  • Giving Quantum of Solace another go. #

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