Thought for your Sunday Morning

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True Story: I once saved Method Man’s life. I’ll tell you the full tale over a beer sometime.

Beats I Could Get Down to

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(side note: Anie once claimed that Optimus Prime is her boyfriend)

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I know I haven’t listened to really anything you’ve offered at all lately.  I wholly admit I’ve been going around, catching up on early decade rock-and-roll and wondering what I missed over there, and probably feeling too gentrified to still relish your grit and drive.  And yes, I very rarely rock my Wu-Tang hoodie or watch BET anymore.

Bottom line, though, I used to love hip-hop, and I still debate the fling every now and again.

Then when I hear something like the song below, or a really tough Jay-Z or Ghostface track, it’s like I’m 17 again, living in the hood, going across town to go to school, working downtown and finding my way in the world all over again.

Am I a prodigal son?  Or a turncoat?  Or a sellout?  I’m pretty sure my falling out with hip-hop is pretty clearly related to my moves to better neighborhoods and away from the hardships I used to have to live with.  Nowadays it’s pretty odd to imagine living out the lyrics to your average hip-hop song, but a decade ago, that’s pretty much what I was doing. The highs and the lows and the pie-in-the-sky optimism were elements that narrated my regular circles. 

I don’t really know that this is a question with any better answer than to just enjoy a song.

Funny AND True

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Just watched this video for Gnarls Barkley (aka the best shit you can’t classify)

The concept is a little slow to get going but the truth makes up for any lackluster starts.

Check it out here