Political Hottie (that's not Sarah Palin)

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Now, my blog is clearly heavy on the Sarah Palin is a babe-o-rama vibe, but in actuality, I do not want to convince anyone who to vote for. I’d much rather settle for nudging everyone to learn about the issues and vote intelligently, for whichever candidate you like. You’re picking a President here, not a sweater or a cocktail, so I implore you not to vote based on the packaging or hype or whatever, but on your own research and gut-feeling.

That said, if you’re total apolitical, just scroll down and you can read my post of about Halloween. (Unless you want to say that giving away candies to strangers is akin to socialism, then I just can’t help you, you dire old bitter slugface.)

The intent of Random & Awesome (R&A, if you will) is to just share with the audience whatever happens to catch my whim at the moment. Clearly, for the next few weeks, the big news will be the election and the economy. I’m broke, so I really can’t give any tips about the economy, but I CAN give you tips about where to find a smokin’ hot First Daughter-to-be.

Have I told you that Megan McCain is on my very short list of blondes that could be my third wife? If not, here’s a brief run-down of where we’re at today:

(in no particular order)
– Heidi Klum
– Megan McCain
– Scarlett Johansenn
– Kelly Ripa

Sadly, I had to remove Sarah Chalk (sp?) since she should no longer be appearing on my favorite show.

I digress, as per usual….

Here are a few pics I lifted from Megan McCain’s blog site today (oh yeah, she’s cute AND blogs).

Evidence of Hottines #1: Multitasking while Smiling

Crap, I never come up with the cool sign-sayings. Witty bastard…

More Megan. Yes, her dad looks a bit confused about his cell phone in the background, but so do some other people’s parents I know….

No Cause for Alarm, really. What you may think is Johnny Mac slugging a woman in the face, is really an everyday occurrence worldwide. People with round-eyes tend to think that those of us with slant-eyes are “looking at them funny” and get peevish about it. We just learn to deal with the problem as life goes on. Sometimes you need to preface things with “Hi, my name is Ryan. My eyes aren’t closed, their just slanty”.

If I never told you I was born in Maine, here’s a little primer on how my home-state rocks: Meg Mc + Pizza + in a bar. Tell me you wouldn’t be in a better mood to talk about America’s future with a slice and a pint in front of you. Plus, Maine is just like Massachussets, without all the asshats and dickwads.