Odd Justice Served

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While looking something up, I ended up browsing Esquire.com and started voting in their Sexiest Woman Alive tournament*, when I ran across this bit of truth:

MEGAN FOX, 22 /// Finally a bombshell who doesn’t play coy.
33% (159133 Votes)
HELEN MIRREN, 63 /// Great rack, and eyes that can cut a bombshell in half.
67% (320367 Votes)

479500 Total Votes

Yeah, that’s Helen Mirren with >2x the votes Megan Fox has, including mine.  Silver Fox indeed!

* of course this tournament is only listing celebrities, whilst I know many real-life women who are more beautiful than some of the one’s nominated.  Sorry ladies.


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I had somehow forgotten how insanely hot Chilli is.

Damn, I had a ridiculous crush on her in Jr. High & High School.

This may explain why I never really liked Usher.

Thanks for reminding me via link, Matt. Who knew you being a decade behind on cultural-references could pay off.

P.S.  I have no clue why T-Boz had to be so scary in that video.

P.P.S.: if that video has you also wondering why you don’t have more TLC in your daily life, here, here & here are a few favorites.

Random Admission

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I never get tired of Drew Barrymore.

She’s been in my Top Five as long as I can remember.

That is all.