Whoa-lly Crap! Dandy Dog

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For a while now, Anie & I have been discussing what kind of dog we want to own when we co-habitate (whoa, big step, I know, but that’s a whole other story…).

One of the themes that comes up often, though not as often as I’d hope, is owning a schnauzer (sp?).  My primary interests are because I imagine educated people with dens and wall-to-wall bookcases own schnauzers.  Also, I like to imagine I could teach it to smoke a pipe and talk like Sherlock, or at least Mr. Peabody.

Then today I saw this bad boy:

dapper dog

I am 142% sure I need to own this guy.
Well, I say “own” but how much can anyone really own a dog that knows how to wear a top hat, monocle AND smoke a pipe?  Shoot, I don’t even know how to smoke a pipe.

I need to convince this dude to move in with me.  I’ll even pay his half of the rent as long as he wing-mans for me on walks.

(image found on Clockwork)