Gender Bias Sucks

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Maybe I’m alone in this, but I don’t really think I am.

Maybe it’s only because I’m a man who was faced with the very real possibility of becoming a single-dad, complete with custody struggles and sudden revisioning of my life.

Maybe it’s because I think feminism needs to work both ways and “gender equality” should erase all imbalaces or none of them.

But this Kate Plus Eight shit really irks me.

It irks me first because there is no reason for this broad to be famous.  Congrats, modern science turned your uterus into an assembly line.  Woot!  Hooray for you because you had the Henry Ford of doctors.

Secondly, the press release about the “revisioning” of the show is total BS.  “Hey, let’s edit the dad out and make it look like she’s raising these kids all on her own and he’s never around”.  I’m sure that’ll turn out great when it comes time for Family Court.

As a man who never considered turning his back on his child, I hate the way society still thinks that the mother will be the better parent to portray just because she’s a woman.

C’mon people, we’re in a post-gender society.  We’ve had Cliff Huxtable and Dr. Jason Seaver to show us how to get this done.  Hell, I’m half-way convinced that HIMYM ends with Ted Mosby admitting that the kids’ mom left him and that’s why he’s jaunting down memory lane. 

Bottom line, it’s pretty clear that Cate (yeah, I spelled it with a C) Gosselin has made a career out of pimping her kids for tv, and TLC is totally on board with this.  Welcome to the blocked channel list on my DVR TLC.  Hope you like it there.