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If you don’t know how I feel about Tina Fey already, you must not read often enough.

Still haven’t watched last nights episode of SNL, but this promo still won it’s spot as my new wallpaper.

Tina Fey SNL

Nerd-Crush: Now Less Nerdy?

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Have you seen Tina Fey on the cover of Esquire?  If not, go buy it now?

My love for intelligent women has long been documented, and this particular nerd-crush as well, so I won’t elaborate.

As it is, 30 Rock is one of the few shows I watch regularly, and I’m pretty sure I’ll try to con the GF into seeing “Date Night” this month.

So I’ll just wrap this up with a quote from the Esquire article:

“What I’ve come to realize is that when people say, ‘The thinking man’s whatever’ — there’s no such thing. The thinking man also wants to fuck Megan Fox.”

(unless Helen Mirren is on the table)

(This is Day 13 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge, be sure to check out the other participants at #30DayBC)

Nerd Crush

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So, I was tooling around on Yahoo earlier and came across a feature about “TV’s Top Single Gals”. While I hadn’t thought about this previously, I do find it remarkable on a socioeconomic scale that there are a considerable number of TV shows with single-women as the main character, and consider it a vastly welcome change. My appreciation might also be enhanced by the photos that accompanied the feature and the way they reminded me of my nerd-crush on Tina Fey