Duality of Desire

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I was scrolling through the channels earlier and saw that Trust the Man was coming on. Debating watching it for the four time this year, and even, maybe, seeing the full film for the first time ever, I was reminded of how strikingly pretty Maggie Gyllenhall is.

But see, here’s the problem. Seeing her look like she does below, make me imagine the exact type of girl that should have my children and spoil me far to much, but then….

…seeing her like the picture below, reminds me of exactly the kind of unspeakably private things we would do to conceive said children…

…and that’s exactly where reality creeps in. Perhaps I have just been surrounded by one-sided women, perhaps I have the general malaise of not being happy, or worst of all, perhaps I have met the woman that perfectly embodies this, and I have failed to grasp it.

Not the happiest of posts today, but at least there are some great pictures to go with it.