Five Things: Recent “Favorites”

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I’m not sure how the “Favorite” feature was on Twitter was designed to be used. Presuming that “micro-blogging” is still the intent of the platform, I really don’t see myself using the “favorite” feature to save things, so I can refer back to them later. I’ve never said, “Ha ha, oh man, @lafinguy posted a hilarious 140 characters, I MUST keep this around in my life”.

Perhaps it’s supposed to be version of the ubiquitous (and self-gratifying) “like” button… but then why does it save them on MY profile?

Since it’s a mystery to me, I have taken to using the “favorite” feature in a way that makes it 10x more useful than either of the above options: server-side bookmark. Yep, if I see a tweet with a link that I don’t want to click at work, at that moment, or want to read the article in detail later, I’ll favorite that bad-boy and check it out next time I’m looking for blog inspiration.

Here’s the last five things I’ve done in such a way:

1.) @tysoncrosbie: “Fun new blog of randomness: Enjoy. :)” // pretty fun site, hope to see this take off.

2.) @matisyahu: “Put up a playlist I made of some music i’ve been listening to. more to come…” // I don’t subscribe to this service, but thought it was very cool to see a musician post a playlist that did not include any of his own music, or have iTunes telling me I should buy the whole list for “only $1,423.99”.

3.) @CenPho: “Vote for your favorite locally owned CenPho businesses in the PNT’s “Best of Phoenix” readers poll” // Some of these entries and categories make no sense, like how Short Leash Hotdogs is listed under “Best New Restaurant” baffles me, and why we have so many chain options listed for “Best of Phoenix” when we could be using this as an opportunity to tout local success and drive suburbanites TO the small businesses instead of over to Cheesecake Factory. Nonetheless, as an annual valley tradition, it’s sorta fun to cast your vote.

4.) @GOOD “How to dress like a grownup” // Pretty cool video from Put This On. Interesting enough that I’ll check out the rest of the series.

5.) @DesertSmokeBBQ: America’s Favorite Food Truck Giveaway Vote for @truckingoodfood + chance to win prizes // Definitely be sure to click this link and vote. Jeff is a crazy-passionate dude when it comes to food, and is just good people. Plus, those crepes are ridiculously delicious. Just ask his stalker seen in the picture.

Awesome faux-billboards from BP faux-twitter account

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I am Doofus.

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It’s 100% true.

Though in many past instances I have referred to myself alternately as “clever”, “brilliant”, a “genius”, and one or twice even “not just a hat rack”, it turns out I was over-estimating.

As you may know, I help monitor Twitter traffic for my employer, and so during the day I have the work-related feeds and my personal feed on screen.  Oftentimes, links will be included in a tweet, and I’ll just favorite it to review later when I’m at home.

Never know what someone will link to, after all.

…and yes, this means that you will never know that someone you admire has linked to your blog.

….and sometimes because you don’t know all of this is happening, you respond to the words in their tweet without clicking the link, trying to sound like a joiner-in’er, a little “hey, look at me, I’m also interested in the topic you’re talking about, please loop me in”, and instead only end up sounding like a doofus.

It’s rewarding to see that so many people have connected with essay I wrote about passion on the Wooster site:
9:41 AM Apr 28th
from @MarcDSchiller

@MarcDSchiller really dig the “Passion” essay. quoted it a bit on my blog the other day.
9:45 AM Apr 28th
via TweetDeck in reply to MarcDSchiller

Yes, you doofus, he already knows you wrote about it.  He linked the damn thing.

Way to be a doofus, Ryan.

Knowing is half the battle.

P.S. Thanks for the link Marc.  I’ll be less dumb next time.

Twitter Job Description

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Well… according to this chart, I’m only 1 step ahead of Oprah.

Then again, if you’re one of those millions who love Oprah, Hey, Look At Me!  I’m a Step Ahead of Oprah!!

(See full size here)

Tweet Share

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I wish my life was glamorous enough to receive tweets like this.

Clearly, by glamorous, I mean “full of great tasting food”.

Maybe I should revisit that “Food Research” job possibility….

Thanks @Kari_Vee

New Wisdom

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Don’t you just see this cross-stitched and framed at Grandma’s house?

Twitter vs E-Mail

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pretty sweet.

From Doublehappy

Random tweets from other people

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cupcake could be a euphemism for brains. From now on, when yelling at stupid people, I will say “use your cupcake!”
                                                                    – @bossypally


Epic! overheard in the office: I’d rather load a shotgun full of ninja stars and shoot myself in the vagina then do this
                                                                    – @baybdoli

Frank loves the Twitter

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If you don’t know these people, why aren’t you watching Always Sunny?


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Learned about Twitter on Thursday and it’s been off-to-the-races since then. Now to just avoid this: