Evolution of a Ball

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Like most cool people, I’ve been watching a lot of World Cup since it kicked off on Friday.  With a lot of skilled players shooting wide of the goal, the commentators have been speaking quite a bit about how the new ball isn’t as good/the same as previous ones.

Well, I don’t blame them.  While the Mexico 1970 ball is the one we all grew up with as a kid, playing soccer in P.E., the image below shows an incredible evolution of something.  Sort of makes you wonder:

  1. Why did it take them this long to figure out how to design a ball?
  2. What other sports could change their ball design?

P.S.  Go England!!

World Cup Fever

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Exactly one week from now, I will be sitting in the George & Dragon, watching US vs England in the first full day of World Cup action.

You all, of course, are invited to come join us.

In anticipation of this great event, here’s too cool graphics of the last two FIFA Player of the Year winners.



My World Cup Picks

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Just filled out my World Cup bracket at ESPN.com/bracket.

Here’s where I landed.

Personally, I’ll be rooting for mother England, but even I cannot deny Brazil & Ronaldinho.

Also, Asia, learn to play better football, or you deserve less seeds. Seriously, you let the #106th ranked team in the world represent you?  Meanwhile, the #9 team, Croatia, sits out.

World Cup Awesomeness

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“Thanks Nike, you rule at adverts”

I just watched this terrific Nike/World Cup commercial and damn, did it do it’s job.

  1. Write the future.  That has to be the best tag line I’ve seen in years and years.  Afterall, isn’t this what we want our idols to do; go out there and perform and excell and inspire us and our nations to do the same?
  2. The entire video is solid, start to finish.  The Drogba was a bit of an exaggeration if you ask me, but as a Man U fan any Chelsea-player is over-rated.  The interplay between the sport, the fans, the excitement, though, all solid.
  3. Personally I went nuts over the Rooney bits.  “Just Roo It”, I’d rock that shirt.  Sure, it’s the Man U-fan/Anglophile mix in me, but I have no shame in saying I plan to spend the next month wearing the Red & White (shout out to Henry VII?).
  4. The lack of Team USA in the video make it that much more credible to me.  Show The Simpsons, show other American references, sure.  Just don’t hype a lack-luster team still helmed by a fail captain.
  5. As much as it pains me to admit it, yes, Ronaldo is probably the best player in the world right now.  I’ll also go on the record to say that he inspired the faux-hawk I rocked while he was with Manchester.  But, damn, why’d you have to dip out to Spain, dude?
  6. Lastly, some of you will hate this but as a football fan, if Kobe sunk a 3 like that over the Suns, then did a Ronaldinho move in someone’s face, this former Suns ballboy would become a Lakers fan.

(also available in HD on YouTube)