The MOST Revelant Chart EVER

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I still can’t believe Anie made me lose 13 minutes of my life the other night watching this crap.

I also can’t believe ESPN cancelled “Baseball Tonight” just to show this crap.

Furthermore, I have no clue why people are interested in this.

(Tiger, not the chart.  I KNOW why people are interested in the chart.  Charts are awesome, they help you make decisions, and they often include both boxes and arrows, great inventions both.)

2 Comments on “The MOST Revelant Chart EVER”

  1. 1 Helen said at 12:01 pm on February 23rd, 2010:

    That is the best chart I have seen in a long time! Not only is it hilarious but it is so true. I wish they would put that on the television then just end the whole tiger thing.

    Something serious like someone getting killed and the police making an appeal for witnesses gets about 30 seconds airtime then tiger gets about 10 minutes. I would like to know why people are interested in it… on seconds thoughts maybe not.

    Must admit some of the text message jokes flying around about it all have been funny though.

    Thanks for the laugh and hitting the “no more tiger news / shows” nail on the head.

  2. 2 Ryan G said at 1:08 pm on February 23rd, 2010:

    Thanks for the comment. Glad you agree.
    Really, I only look to Tiger for tips on how to fix my short game, not my dating game.