Things I’m Digging – January ’15

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Derrick Lin’s tiny office workers instagram – A charming and funny look into what he bills as “agency life”, but much of it applies to us all.

Nom Nom Paleo – Even though it is for some reason hosted on Tumblr, this blog has been a life-saving resource during the round of Whole 30 that Anie & I are currently doing. Truly, everything I had attempted from her recipes this month has turned out great.

My Mozinar – Whoa, this is crazy, exciting and intimidating.  Tomorrow I will be speaking in front of an audience who expects top-quality expertise and actionable take-aways provided by a respected brand in the industry.  That’s a lot of trust being put in me, I really hope I live up to it.  If you’re reading this anytime before Tuesday late-morning, there still a chance to sign-up.

Never Eat Alone – Usually I don’t find myself enjoying books that are assigned reading, but this one has been a constant companion for me during my train commutes this month, and it a much more engaging read than the typical business book. Maybe I’m biased because I also want to be a CMO someday, and there is a ton I need to learn about networking better, and demonstrating how I can provide value to people I’ve never engaged with.

Hank Green on Interviewing the President and Legacy Media – I narrowly missed the live-stream of the White House YouTube interviews, but watched the VOD the next day.  While initially skeptical of the chosen interviewers, I found that I was on-board with nearly everything that was going on, and enjoyed the diversity of interviewers, opinions, and the cajones Hank Green had to start off with telling the President that his proposed policies were not politically viable.  Since I don’t watch any American televised news (BBC & France24 YouTube subs), I didn’t catch the hate-storm that sprung forth from the interviews, until I was linked to Green’s recent post on Medium.  It’s a good that spends more time discussing the viewing habits and tendencies of American youth than it does trying to defend Green as a presenter, and for that I give him a high-five.

One Comment on “Things I’m Digging – January ’15”

  1. 1 Sarah Greesonbach said at 12:00 pm on March 10th, 2016:

    Hey Ryan, Nice to meet you via Twitter and thanks for the Dots recommendation. I read/scanned “Never Eat Alone” last year and enjoyed it. Also, Whole30 is a huge accomplishment and I love Nom Nom Paleo. Great job doing that! I’m Paleo/Paleo AIP for health reasons and it’s been an amazing transformation (except, of course, when I fall into a dairy spell sometimes).