Travel Insights – 6/29/14

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The difference between an adventure and an ordeal is attitude – Roberto Bitchin

Aside from a little bit of snippy-ness regarding the original check-in, I think we’ve been in a pretty good mindset as we began our vacation this weekend. That said, I’ve still got a strong snarky streak that probably ought to express itself somehow. So, I bring you my travel insights from the road.

1.) Putting your seat in the any position other than strictly upright should be punishable by immediate ejection from the aircraft.  We are all uncomfortable and nobody wants your head in their lap.  If you need to recline on this flight, they’ll happy sell you a lay-flat seat towards the front of the plane.

2.) If you do decide to push the limit and recline your seat, I have full rights to use the back of your head-rest as I see fit, being as you’ve invaded my allotted space. Typically I will go ahead and put my pillow against it and attempt to sleep in a quasi-leaning face-down position. If you’ve been particularly odious, such as the woman today who refused to put her seat back into position during meals, I may go ahead and see how many items I can balance atop the head rest, or use it to hang my backpack off of whilst I retrieve every item I packed in there.

3.) When your initial flight has been cancelled, the last thing you want to hear from customer service is “oh, that’d be a no-show on your connecting flight”. Well, guy, I’d be more than happy to make that flight.  What can you offer me by way of teleporter or time machine? Got a spare Wonka-vator back there?

4.) If I need to go through security again between flights, the least you could do is slide me one of those super official passport stamps. Otherwise, what did I just get felt-up for?

5.) Folks that think it’s acceptable to say racist stuff at the airport clam right up when you stare them directly in the eye.  Or what would be their eyes if they weren’t averting their gaze. Truthfully, I’ve only got a small sample set for this one, for which I am thankful.

6.) Getting a sandwich from Pret makes the trip feel real. Especially since I can’t find a Cinnabon in the airport anymore.

7.) Lucky #7! Plan a lengthy European trip and your career will take off! True story, last time I came to Europe for two weeks was July 2011, and the day before I left I was able to secure a new position that started my career in Online Marketing and pretty much saved my work life. This time around, on the eve of my departure I was officially promoted to Program Manager over our growing Online Marketing & Strategy team. It’s been a wonderful three years filled with lots of growth and plenty of difficult times, but I’m proud of the work we are doing and glad for the opportunities we get.


Context: Our original outbound flight was canceled/delayed due to mechanical failure Friday night. We ended up leaving Phoenix for Copenhagen (via London) at 4pm on Saturday. Not a big deal except that it meant we would not be able to spend Sunday/Monday in Aero as we’d previously booked as we won’t arrive in Copenhagen until ~8 hours after we were supposed to leave for the island. I’m sure it will all work out in the end, though I wouldn’t mind if they’d been forced to have us stay a night in London. After all, it is on my short list of places to live after graduation.

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