Travel Insights: 7-2-14

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Checking in from Copenhagen. Had a great few days exploring this town, with a couple more to go before we move on to Amsterdam.

As before, some bullet points on things I’ve observed on the trip. Enjoy!


8.) Sometimes you’re friends are being incredibly indecisive and you end up milling about a farmer’s market as it’s closing up. Then, when you least expect it, you run into Andre 3000. “Me and you / yo mama and yo cousin too

9.) Pop into a hotel and ask the staff for their favorite places to eat. Resulted in a crazy delicious meal at a pub in Malmo, Sweden.

10.) Herring, not as weird as I thought, still solidly fishy and pickle-y; two of my least favorite adjectives.

11.) When the heat is not suffocating, you can easily walk for days and never notice. In the last 36 hours I’ve logged over 20 miles walked. My calves and feet are aching now, but I’m using the distance as an excuse to go for the gastronomic gusto and enjoy some great vacation meals.

12.) Euro temperatures and weather lack consistency. Yesterday it was supposed to be cold & wet, so I brought my jacket and got more sweat than rain on it. Today was forecast as warm and dry, and I got rained on within minutes of leaving the flat. Actually, we found the rain again shortly after we got off the train in Malmo, which may have been the same storm cloud we left behind in Copenhagen an hour earlier. Even within the same area, we’ve been walking down the block, I’ve put my jacket on, turned one corner and been sweltering, without the thermometer budging.

13.) Train stations are legit! All the atmospheric travel fun of an airport without security and waiting around. Today we caught multiple trains with less than a minute to spare. Imagine doing that with a flight anywhere but Vegas.

14.) I’ve had a blue-striped long-sleeve shirt from American Eagle for a few years that I’ve loved. Turns out, this same pattern is well loved among women’s wear designers in Denmark. I’ve seen no fewer than 4 ladies wearing the same scheme. Great, there goes that shirt.

15.) Canal tours are a great way to get perspective on a city, and enjoy an hour away from exhaust fumes or sidewalk crowds. I love exploring new places, but even after three days criss-crossing this town, there were still tons of things I didn’t see until our 1-hour tour.

16.) Holy atmospheric science! Transitioning from canals to the open harbor, the weather instantly changed. Waves, sea breeze, mist, and nearly a 10 degree windchill. Pro: provided one of those romantic “let’s huddle up under my jacket” moments. Con: It was hella cold!


Got another day in Copenhagen, then on to Amsterdam, Paris & Brussels. Catch ya next time.

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