Tweet 140: There’s No “B”

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Ed note: I’d conceived of a series sometime last year (or was it the year before) where I’d use this blog to elaborate on things I mentioned on Twitter.  To keep it thematic and differentiate it from a typical article, I’ll aim to keep the final copy under 140 words (not counting this part).  Hope you enjoy the quick read. 

According to, which has to be a reputable and scientifically-sound website, there are 530,000+ people named “Ryan” in the US. Meanwhile, there are 1.17 million misfortunate souls named “Brian”, and another 301,000+ named “Bryan”. For this and other reasons, I’ve been plagued by people mis-spelling my name, or asking me to repeat myself all my life.

Were it for any other thing, I’d probably only be moderately annoyed, or even sympathetic that the person couldn’t process a 4-letter word (Off by 25%, homes.). Since it’s my name, however, I can’t help but feel like it’s a more personal matter.

Brian, I am told, means “hill” or possibly “high,noble”, whilst I can attest that “Ryan” means “Little King”. Seems pretty evident to me, one name is clearly better, and the other has an extra letter.

At least I’m not this guy, I suppose:

Ryan Brian

PS: way to fail on me, Hummingbird update.
PPS: sneaky ad there on your Twitter card, FourSquare

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    Tweet 140: There’s No “B”