Whoa: I want to live somewhere like this!

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Let me first say, I’m a big fan of Daniel Libeskind’s work.  After having read his autobiography in 2004, I started looking more and more at his buildings.  While I still greatly admire the work of Gehry, Libeskind’s book cemented the concept of organic buildings and cities in my mind.  Plus, a lot of press about Gehry is often only about Gehry, where as Libeskind is usually in connection to something; the new World Trade Center, the Holocaust Museum, promoting other architects, etc.

So when I saw this piece on INHABITAT the other day, I was understandably blown away by how great it looks.  Sure, it’s in Singapore, so I’ll never live there, but I really wish Phoenix, and the people with the money to develop Phoenix, would throw their weight behind projects more like this and less like the “condo-conversions” craze of a decade ago.

Give me buildings with style, no more glass boxes.  Thanks

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