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Notice how I didn’t post anything in February?
Yeah, that was supposed to be Sweeps Month, in which I would provide a life-changing series titled “Random & Awesome Solves the Problems”.
As such, the problem I could not solve was procrastination.

Five Things I did in February Instead of Blogging

1.) Ignored the Cardinals and told people “real sports start in March” (Baseball & UEFA Champions’ League Playoffs, if you weren’t clear)
2.) Drank less beer. Yeah, not sure how/why that happened
3.) Continued not saving money. Don’t worry, I’m like a one-man stimulus package
4.) Somehow missed out on all the great “stimulus package = frat-humor wang jokes” opportunities
5.) Kept being tricked into eating potatoes. See what happens when you’re a regular among the breakfast burrito community?

Btw, I learned via twitter today that London does not have burritos. Someone ship a mexican over there, stat!

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