Not the Department of Redundancy Department

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Since I’m sure you already noticed it on the calendar for this past weekend, Sunday was Anie’s (pronounce it however you like, she just loves the attention) B-Day. The party was on Saturday, and quite a few people were at non-sober.

Before I go any further, if you were looking here for a commemorative blog about how great Anie is and all the various reasons why she’s clearly worth the energy I spend each day coming up with new ways to con her into dating me… you’re in the wrong place.

As a further result of efforts to help the environment, Random & Awesome has decided it would be more sustainable to have everyone “carpool” over to here and read Holly’s blog on the same topic.

In my defense, I assert that Holly operates on Canadian-Time, and thus was able to beat me to the punch.

I promise to post later with some pictures from the weekend. It might be a few days as I should be switching out my laptop this week.

One Comment on “Not the Department of Redundancy Department”

  1. 1 Holly Howe said at 3:38 pm on September 19th, 2008:

    Thanks for not copying my list 😉 Also I work on “Holly-time” which is like 2 days before Canadian-time unless of course you’re talking about getting to work or an appt. then I work on “typical girl-time” (15 min late).