Ryan’s Re-Return?

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I’ll be 10,000% honest, this blog has been neglected. That I still get traffic to this site without any effort or SEO on my part is actually pretty interesting, but I’m sure all credit is due to accidentally good alt tags on images, and maybe a few other folks coming back to check out that Emma Watson picture from the winter. (I don’t blame you for your re-return at all.)

Regardless, while I’ve been away focusing on other projects, this blog has been something that’s dwelved deep in the back of my mind. Usually the thought review goes a little something like this:

Self: “Remember that blog you started, you should do something with it”
Ryan: “Yeah, I should. Actually, I should use the blog to try to rank #1 for a few keywords as a bit of an SEO calling card.”
Self: “Do you really feel like doing that?”
Ryan: “No, not really, but I feel like that’s what I should do. It’s what I would make fun of someone else for if they claimed to be an “expert”.”
Self: “One of these days you should learn how to form an opinion. Additionally, one of these days you should get back to blogging.”
Ryan: “yeah, yeah….”

And shortly after that exchange I jot down a couple ideas then never follow through with them. Consistently not realizing ideas is one of my more reliable personality traits. I have so few traits like that, why would I want to get rid of one, right?

So where’s that leave us?
– I know I should blog
– I know I like to blog
– I know that blogging requires sitting at a computer, which is where video games also reside
– I know that I get distracted more and more easily as I get older

Last item: I know I’m too legit to quit, so let’s get on with it already