Facts about Robots

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Facts about Robots

Here's a wierd feeling

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I’ve been playing around with layout/visual theme of my blog lately, and today while checking everything out, I analyzed my Tag Cloud, and wasn’t exactly happy with a few things I saw there.

The Good:
I’m pretty happy about the quantity of zombie references.  You really never can be prepared enough.

The Okay:
I understand that baseball has fallen off quite a bit.  It’s just the time of year, and the fact that I’ve been trying to avoid making angry posts about the recent Yankee’s roster changes (Melky was awesome and sealed my first Yankee Stadium memory, even if Granderson may play better defense.  Nick Johnson FTL!!!), and/or Mark McGwire’s pansy pseudo-admission (c’mon you dick, you ruined a great record and you’re still lying about why you cheated).

The Not Good:
There seems to be too few references to Wolverine and Robots lately. I mean, if I stray from those topics, am I going to lose my core reader(ship)?

I’ll keep mulling this over while I come up with an action plan.

(Pfft. I don’t follow “action plans”, I just “DO” or forget about it.  We’ll see what happens)

Whoa, I DO need these..

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Awesome list & gallery of potential models for our future robot overlords. Though, in honesty, the seeing-eye dog robot is definitely needed, today!


What Luck!!!

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Somehow I found two (2) robot-related blogs in one hour. Talk about your good-ass start to a weekend.

Fragmented by Maura Cluth. Check out her stuff for sale too. I sorta wish I had a wall-sized verson of one of her prints.

Nerdbots a married couple (*shut yo mouth*) who make some pretty freakin’ sweet robo-pals. I was hooked when their banner said “we won’t brag about our mental superiority”.