Things I’m digging: August 2014

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A quick run down of things I’ve enjoyed around the web this month.

The Starving Fish: an aesthetically pleasing blog celebrating great food memories. Headphones highly recommended.

Mark Bustos: Helping his fellow humans with something so basic but so transformative.  In the linked image, that guy on the right looks like someone I’d give a job to.

ABUS frame locks: picked one up in Copenhagen after I’d seen them everyone around town. Phoenix isn’t ready for me to use it exactly the same way they do in Denmark, but it’ll be a great added layer of security at the ASU bike racks this fall. Downside, they don’t have installation videos on their website or YouTube, but they promptly replied to my email asking for help.

– Monsoons: Heck yeah, rain in the desert. Especially when it doesn’t require an afternoon ruined by a haboob. Added bonus: being able to turn off the sprinklers for a few days. Summer in AZ is killer on the wallet because of high power bills as it is. Add “lawn maintenance” and I might as well be paying in blood money.

Rouge Pepper: Speaking of food blogs, I’d be remiss if I didn’t announce that the long mentioned “food blog” I’ve included on my goals lists for the last few years is finally off the ground.  Shifting from a Phoenix dining guide, we’ve focused it as “our love letter to eating well”. I’m sure most readers of Relevant Wit will enjoy @AniePHX’s updates more than my own, so give it a look.

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