Dear Ryan

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The column where I take the time to answer pressing questions that nobody asked me.  In fact, they actually asked other people, and I decided to chime in.  See how we’re all happier now?

Should I tell the girl I love this?

I love a girl, very much. Shes liked someone else for like 3 years, but he doesn’t like her and she only thinks of me as a friend. We used to talk all the time but now we don’t. I want to go up to her Monday and just talk to her and tell her that until the day I die I am going to love her, because it’s true. I’ve never had a girlfriend before, and she is the girl I want.

so should I say this?

Dear NotAPlayaAndDoesntCrushALot,

This is a pretty classic conundrum, and one that has been gone over pretty relentlessly in classic 80’s cinema.  I recommend that the first thing you do is make yourself familiar with some of those films, especially Sixteen Candles, because it sounds like you’ve been forgotten about.

As far as what to do about this girl, I recommend doing nothing.  Forget about it and move on, because clearly this girl is into dudes who ignore her.  You paying her more attention is actually hurting your cause.  Trust me, if it’s ever going to happen, it’ll happen only after you’re seeing someone else.  Then she’ll start to wonder “why isn’t that me”.

Or you can keep tagging along, playing the Ducky role.  In the end he never got Molly Ringwald but he did upgrade and snag Buffy, so… not totally awful, but huge waste of time.

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