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I’ve been told that even in October this is not acceptable: 

Some Things Are Funny Even When You Forget the Details

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So I had plans to offer this post as question about which of two business plans I should pursue. Unfortunately, I cannot remember all the details of one of them, despite having written it in my Treo. Guess I need to take better notes next time. Or just get a secretary….

Either way, so while I’m trying to figure what happened, here’s a transcript of the conversation I had.

Person 1: BTW, why did you say I could date girls with no hands?

Person 2: I don’t remember….. Shoot!

Person 1: Well, without that, my story about breast exams is incomplete

Person 2: Oh that’s why…. You learned how to do self-check exams in case you come across a girl with no hands you could help, duh.

Person 1: No, that was just a tie-in. You said the handless thing at the grocery store

Person 2: I thought I re-brought it up at the grocery store

Person 1: When did you first say it then?

Person 2: I have no idea now. My timeline is confused

Person 1: So, to be clear, you have a confused boob-related timeline??

Person 2:

As of press-time, I have not gotten a response to the last question, but I feel the piece speaks for itself. My favorite part is the “duh” comment, because it was totally not the right answer. Gotta love the way a response delivered with conviction almost makes you believe it. Too bad for her, there’s no way I’m forgetting the time I learned how to give a breast exam. This is a talent I’m going to make use of for years to come!

Also, in fulfilling my duties as an advocate for all breasts, I pull my time to good use today and churned out this puppy below. Just another way Random & Awesome is helping the planet; because I planet where you’re not randomly flashed is NOT a planet I want to live on.

P.S: Don’t pay any attention to that pesky “North Yorkshire” crap…. I just had to fill in the space.

P.P.S.: If you ever run cross a girl with breasts that actually have bicycle spokes and spirals on them, you might be in a surrealist painting. If not, tell her she owes me some royalties.