The Endorsement: Scoot Pilgrim vs The World

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After my burrito-defeato at Verde on Saturday morning, I decided to take in a movie before the guys came over to record episode zero of our podcast. My original intent was to see Inception, so that I didn’t have to keep hiding from every spoiler linked on the damn interwebs. Timing, however, precluded my waiting til the next showing, and I opted to see Scott Pilgrim instead.

Since the whole premise is about boys fighting over a girl, and the graphic novel was more cartoony/less graphic, I imagined this was going to be a totally girly experience that I’d walk out of. Boy was I wrong.

1.) The sequencing in Scott Pilgrim is probably the closest anything has ever come to capturing the way my brain works when I go into nerd overdrive. 8-bit sounds and arcade/NES graphics may seem kitschy to the MTV crowd, but for me, this is pretty much how great nostalgia works.

2.) The bands in the movie, while fictional, where actually pretty good. In fact, I downloaded the soundtrack on my iPhone while I was still watching the movie.

3.) Towards the last 1/3 of the movie, I found myself wondering if this was going to join the select few movies that I wished were available to purchase while still in the theatre. The cinematography is great, and somehow reminds me a lot of Eternal Sunshine.

4.) Michael Cera ALMOST broke away from playing himself in this role. So close… you’ll get ’em next time, slugger.

5.) The movie is filled with attractive brunettes. Ellen Wong is actually a pretty strong character by the end of the story, and I’ve already documented how much I dig Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

6.) How could you not love a movie with a Bass Battle scene? Shoot, it was good enough to convince me that I should really learn how to play my strat and then go buy a bass and be double-sexy.

scott pilgrim trailer with original panels

Michael Cera is co-opting my favorite pasttime

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Photo-bombing is one of the few things I may actually like more than video games, movies, comic books and baseball.  Well, no, probably not more than baseball, but all those other things are fair play.  Anyways, photo bombing is when you sneak into the background of someone else’s picture.  Sometimes it’s with the intent to ruin their picture, sometimes you just want to be funny, and sometimes it’s with the intent of making their picture FULL OF AWESOME!!

Today I learned that Michael Cera (yes, Mr. Juno himself) is a king photo-bomber, as evidenced below.

Yes, there is a 99% chance these photos are fake, but I DO need someone to compete against in the Photo-bombing Olympics, damn you!