Rediscovering old favorites

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First, a mea culpa: I am very unproductive when I get stressed.

This is weird to me because I used to thrive on stress. Give me an opportunity where someone else will crack and I will not only survive but I’ll succeed and get better. At work I used to love stressful deadlines or big projects because I felt like I had an advantage over other people who would inevitably crumble. In sports I always wanted to be the one figuring out how to score the game winner.

It’s not that I don’t want to do those things now, it’s just I get damn tired of putting up with everyone else crumbling or holing up. Perhaps I’m older and the precocious petulance of a child who doesn’t know better has evaporated and I’m left with the logical questions of “why should I keep doing the tough job if these others folks are still going to reap the rewards”.

Then again, this is the time of year when I get rather melancholy and anti-social on the whole.

And that’s the mood I was in this morning when I realized that I had the weekend “off” but still had a number of side-projects to work on. Namely, a guest post that’s a week overdue and a weekly column that I need to catch-up on as I’ve missed deadline yet again. Plus spring cleaning wouldn’t be a bad idea.

So, instead of doing any of that, I ended up checking out and buying new music on iTunes, and that’s how I rediscovered this song. I cannot believe I’d entirely forgotten about this, but as soon as that clapping drum-beat entered my ear, I was transformed.

Enjoy the song, I’ve got work to do.

I wish Phoenix had a map like this.

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This year I’ve gotten more into local music, and I would love to be able to look back and make a map like this years from now.

rock map

I’m 10 feet tall and Solid Gold and I demand Submission

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It’s Music Monday, and damn, I completely forgot how much I like The Teddybears. These guys are nuts balls and I cant help but make up random funky/bad-ass dance moves when they come on. This has to be the best band Eve has ever secretly been in.

You may not realize that you know songs from this band. I swear one summer their singles were used in damn near every commercial, trailer and promo I’d seen.

This new song, though, called Rocket Scientist is crazy good. In fact, the only thing better than the song in the video below is the mashup hosted on the band’s site that sounds like Rocket Scientist over the best of the Fab Five. Plus other tracks with Cee-Lo, The Flaming Lips, and Iggy Pop. Buy their stuff today.

Yes, I know it’s old

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but this video has:
1.) Whistling – always fun
2.) Animation
3.) Public Transit use
4.) A guy in a Hulk T-Shirt.


Fun with Youtube

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Found myself surfing through my feed-reader while waiting to record tonight’s podcast and came across these two ditties.

This first video makes me want to live there, now. Well, except with England winning the Cup, not Sweden.


I know it’s been getting a lot of play lately, but damn I love this song. I really dig the text-only video that came out a couple weeks ago, and this one is pretty cool, too. Guess I’m off to listen to some Gnarls Barkley to get a fix.

Power of Music

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I can’t help but respect stories told by the Greatest Generation.

My word’s aren’t shit compared to this guy’s story.

Just play the video

Thought for your Sunday Morning

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True Story: I once saved Method Man’s life. I’ll tell you the full tale over a beer sometime.

Minimalist Video Posters

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My love for minimalism is well documented by now, but I still love to share great, simplistic ideas when I come across them. Today I saw these on and instantly dug them.



scar tissue

This reminds me, Phoenix Design Week is coming up, and they have launched their poster contest once again. Last year’s brought out some really great ideas, so I can’t wait to see what else people come up with (please, no saguaros, coyotes or kokopelis).

YouTube – FK YOU

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YouTube – FK YOU.

there's no video here…

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…just audio.

I just really wanted this song on my blog.

Thank-You Anie for introducing me to this band.